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LogDate: 2018-10-01: Covering Procedures is One of Our Favorite Things!

Declassified: M.O.T.H.E.R.

Reporting: Luna 9

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We had a great time last night going over some core strategies of the business and getting to meet 2 of Maranda’s prospects - nice going Maranda! We went over the idea of how businesses need to follow procedures and processes in order to stay afloat and have a paper trail to prove business activity. We covered this section in depth as well so we can all be pros! Setting our team up for success--that's what we do. Thank you The Novie, Elle-1, and Lexi AI, for assisting in presenting! Spending some time on keeping things organized really paid off! It was really nice to see almost our whole team in one room - and such a creative team as well! Let’s Grow!!! 

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