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LogDate: 2018-10-05 - Leilani's Big Day!


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October 6 at 12:20 PM ยท 
LogDate: 2018-10-05
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Leilani's Big Day!

Quite enjoyable being apart of Leilani's big day! This past Wednesday my team and I set up an activity involving building your business. We sat together and brainstormed ideas to create a few capturing scripts that will be of benefit to all of our team. Leilani happened to be the first one to test out our activity, reaching out to five prospects. Minutes after sending those messages, one prospect replied, then another, and then another. Thirty minutes in and all of her prospects replied and were asking many questions wanting to learn as much as they could! And on top of it all, they were all available on the same day, Friday 2018-10-05. Quite a unique accomplishment indeed.

Fast forward to (the big day), Friday, we attended each meet and greet together, Luna Bts , Leilani Godwin, and I because teamwork is the key to success! Friday, we were not focused on the outcome of the prospects, we were focused on Leilani's learning and presenting skills, which were all phenomenal. She's a natural!

I learned thanks to Novie Bts, Elle Bts, and Luna Bts that growth through learning and experiencing is the key to success. It's not all about the Yes's and the No's, it's about creating that structure that lead's to your independence which makes you an Unstoppable Force! So keep growing, and do not let anything stump that growth.