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LogDate: 2018-09-24: Understanding the DynexSM Project with our new team.



2018 09 24 Team Coring 01


LogDate: 2018-09-24: Understanding the DynexSM Project with our new team.

Declassified: M.O.T.H.E.R.

Reporting: Luna 9

Regrouping to learn about: Building a Customer Base and the Importance of Form 1000

Love spending time with my team building and learning about this business.

Nothing is more important than duplicating what you know and showing your team what it takes to be successful!

Fun fact: Did you know? 
Amazon has a B rating in the BBB while M.A. has an A+... thank you Alexander Johnny Castro for that great piece of information!!!

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2018 09 22 Luna 9 and Gabby because Busienss can be fun 002  Viva Ecuador!

Luna 9 and Gaby Learning about the, MA and the DynexSM Project.