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Become the Source invites you to be part of a growing community of over 200,00 people that are taking full advantage of getting 2% - 50% cash back from the stores that they (and you) love, while discovering new ones.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Well, after the holidays have come and gone, we're here to help you keep on earning.

...And it's all FREE.



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eGifts: Online Gifts for Anyone, Anytime

Easy and quick gift giving for any special occasion.

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With eGifts, you can give a gift to anyone, anytime! eGifts are the perfect online shopping tool to make gift giving easy and quick. eGifts allow you to personally select several gifts for family, friends, co-workers or anyone else on your gift list! Select from millions of products from Market America brands and’s OneCart Stores. Avoid long lines in stores with eGifts, the easy-to-use online shopping tool.


No matter the occasion - Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more - make eGifts your gift-giving solution.

  1. When browsing for a gift, select OneCart Stores® from your search results page and choose the gift you want.
  2. When viewing the item, simply click: eGifts Add eGift icon to add it to your eGift.
  3. Then sign in to your account, click on the eGifts link, and send your eGift when you're ready! It's that simple!
  4. We send the gift recipient an email announcing the eGift, with your personal message and a link to the gifts page. The recipient tells us where to deliver the gift, and it's soon on its way.

The best part? It's a truly last minute gift, because the emailed eGift announcement is sent within minutes!



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 Gifts for Her

eGifts for Her


Handbags for Her

Beauty Gifts

Coffee & Tea Lover


Pamper Her

For Her Travels

More Gift Ideas


Gifts for Him

eGifts for Him


Tech Gifts


Barware Gifts

Leather Gifts

Grilling Gifts

Accessory Gifts

More Gift Ideas


eGifts for Kids

eGifts for Kids

Bikes, Trikes & Ride-Ons

Outdoor Fun

Bath Time Toys

Arts and Crafts


Stuffed Animals

Lunch Bag Upgrade



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Gift Suggestions

eGifts: Online Gifts for Anyone, Anytime

For a quick and easy way to shop, we’ve put together our hand-selected “Sure-to-Please” eGifts. Just click on the link that best suits the recipient, interest, or occasion of your eGift. You can easily add or remove gift choices from any collection you choose.






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Welcome to Cash Back!

Welcome to the best opportunity in the shopping world!opportunity

Do you love to shop online? Do you like to make money? How about doing both at the same time? We think that there’s nothing better than converting your spending into earning., partnered with Become the Source and Novism Synergy Alliances, allows you and your family to shop for all your everyday needs while saving you money. This means things like electronics, school supplies, toys, clothing; and even toilet paper, groceries, garbage bags, paper towels, tires for your car, gift cards...and millions of other things!

Have you ever recommended movies, music, restaurants, skin care products, cleaning products, or health supplements to someone based on your personal experience? Of course you have! You do it all the time whenever someone says to you, "I like your shirt / pants / shoes / jewelry / makeup! Where did you get it?"

well now you can

Now you can save money and make money when shopping online for all your everyday needs, whether it’s Macy’s, Target, GAP, Apple, Nike, Forever 21 or Walmart...just to name a few out of thousands.

Our favorite thing about is that you get cash back on all your purchases.


whats stopping you

Head over to and start shopping now!



Remember that when you shop through Become The Source's you are:

  1. Getting the best prices
  2. Helping Become The Source raise money so we can help others
  3. Being part of the solution
  4. Learning how to shop smart
  5. And best of all--you have one of our team members as a shopping consultant!
  6. Have the option of starting the opportunity owning your own with the best trainers available. :)


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Become a Preferred Customer


So Let's Get Started NOW!

1. Create Your Own Free Account:

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Getting your account is easy and it's free. All you need to do is follow the information on the video above and register here

Create your free account on to get cash back on all your purchases!

  1. On the top of the page, click on the button that says Sign in
  2. Follow the instructions, it's an easy registration process!
  3. Enter your email address and select “Create New Account”
  4. After the initial time, all you’ll need it just your email and password to log in. You’ll know you’re logged incorrectly if your name appears on the left top of the page and at the top of the screen.
  5. You’ll also see the name of the person or organization that invited you to shop here, and you can click on the name at any point to reach them with questions.


   Click here to register--it's FREE!



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2. Download the ShopBuddy and get all of the savings (for PC or Phone)

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 ShopBuddyNow that you have become a registered preferred customer, the very next step that you want to do is to down­load our super power­ful tool called the Shop­Buddy for your PC. Shop­Buddy has been called the "BFF of shop­ping." This is be­cause it auto­mat­ic­ally tracks and re­ports to you all the best deals, coupons, and free pro­mo­tions hap­pen­ing when you ac­cess that store through your web­site. Ima­gine just ac­cess­ing the store of your choice through Shop. com and then see­ing ALL of that store's pro­mo­tions, right at your fin­ger­tips! So if you're look­ing for free ship­ping deals or a per­cent­age off your pur­chase, skip the coupon books and web­site searches and look to Shop­Buddy.

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Down­load your app from your An­droid or iPhone so you can pur­chase items at the touch of your fingertips and get cash back even when you're at the store. By keep­ing your app on your phone, you can en­sure that you max­im­ize your cash back.  



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 Check out how ShopBuddy Mobile works to help save this holiday!!!




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3. Start Shopping

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"The SmartPhone is mightier than the sword."  ...And you won't get arrested.

Now that you're empowered to shop, save money, and get cash back with one of the most powerful tools in the world, you can start shopping. Always remember that you can contact one of our team members at Become the Source if you need assistance. 

Learn how to shop smart! Long gone are the impersonal infomercials of the 1980s.  Make way for the shopping consultants of the future!


Do you want to know how you can get the best deals?

Become the Source offers (as part of the solution) the ability to tune into our shows so you can get the best deals and know how to maximize the power of your dollar with shows like "Business in a Box" and "Brain Snax."

Register here at Become the Source and get involved with our newsletters and documentaries for free. 

Enroll in Become the Source and become part of the solution.


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4. Tell a Friend - Make More Cash Back When You Tell a Friend


Most people feel shy about telling a friend about something that you like AND helps you make money. The truth is, if you already make recommendations, you've already done half the work! Furthermore, people are more accepting of something through friends, family, and coworkers than with straight advertisers. 

 tell your friendstelling friends


Become The Source - Shop, Save, & Get Cash Back

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Shop at your favorite stores and get cash back! 

Yes, that's right! Shop at your favorite stores and get CASH BACK.

It's very easy to save money, get what you want, and get cash back.

1. Sign up for your FREE account.

2. Download the ShopBuddy on your computer and mobile phone to get the best deals.

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SHOP.COM Offers:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Cash Back Program: Pays people to shop!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Unlimited Comparison Shopping: Always find the best price!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Hot Deals & Coupons: Save even more with our specials!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa MyList: Save your favorite products and offers, enable auto-reordering.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Patented eGifts: Electronic gift selector for any special occasion. Select from a variety of gifts and send them to the person of your choice. They choose their

gift of choice!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Exclusive MA brands: Hundreds of exclusive brands and services, customer reviews, product demos, detailed product information, etc.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Thousands of partner stores: Top retailers like Target, Nike, Apple, Best Buy and more!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa OneCart checkout: Quick & Easy for your favorite products you want to order over and over.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Easy Navigation: Popular categories to find products fast! 

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Social media tools: Interactive blogs, and ShopBuddy.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Custom nutrition services: Discover your own formula in vitamins and nutrients custom to your body's needs and give what's truly best for your body's overall health.


Cash Back Program

Through, customers get paid up to 50 percent Cash Back just for buying the things they already buy from the same stores they love and trust. Plus, customers who share the Cash Back program with friends will get 1/2 percent cash back on every purchase made by people they referred.

With the simple Invite Friends tool to use, anyone can import existing email contacts with ease and introduce the Cash Back opportunity to their entire network. Shop, save and get paid - only on SHOP.COM.

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