I. Welcome - Start Here, Pioneer!



I Am New...Why Am I Here?

Welcome aboard! I know this may be your first time here.


 You Probably:

  • Have seen our show and decided to check this out. Great Idea!
  • You may have seen one of our advertisements.
  • You may know an agent that is already using the DynexSM Project.
  • You're bored - We can spice things up!
  • Or perhaps you were carefully selected from one of the crew to participate in the Social Media Marketing so you can grow your show and your income - If that’s the case, then you, my friend, are very lucky!

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Fun Facts!

  • You have to be invited to participate in the DynexSM Project, which partners up with Shop.com. This is because you will be assigned a specific mentor to guide you through the process.images 2
  • We have prepared all the training you need to get started.
  • If we selected you, we are prepared to make it work with you. One of our staff members has seen great potential in you. We are limited to a few seats per season, so consider yourself seen and heard for the talent you have. Our staff member will, therefore, work with you, through the thick and the thin of it, for better or for worse, except without the marriage contract.
  • We all like money. We all like to have fun too, but those things are easy. We want you to be successful. That might take a little work on your part.
  • NSA / BTS / DynexSM / iNet will not charge a single penny - not even donations are accepted. Our services are 100% free.
  • You need to be 18 years of age or older to participate, or get your mom and dad to enroll and nag you until you turn 18.

First Thing's First:

Please read through the layout that we have provided for you, so you know that we mean what we say and we're here to support you.

Start at the Mission Statement section as soon as possible, to get acquainted and jump-start your mind for success.

4236930 f496However, if you are ready to do this NOW, and you've already made up your mind to self-monetize and be rich, then we need to get you started right away! Click here to access our fast track program. It’s simple, it's quick, and you can sign up at no obligations, and no fees.

We will personally contact you shortly. Due to the fact that this a co-op organization, your placement will determine the level of bonus/residual income you receive. We will explain all of this as soon as we proceed.

BTS Leading By Example


BTS and NSA6 would not join a business that was not worthwhile.

We should know! We've researched over 300 other businesses before were careful to select Market America / Shop.com!

BTS/NSA-6 made a promise to build an online community that would help support each other. Our personal promise is to create such a community had high expectations.

We needed a business that would meet our standards--and treat you like family. So when we chose to work with Market America/Shop.com, we were not only going to be working with big successes like Carl, but also connected to over 180,000 Shop Consultants.

So when you join Market America / Shop.com and the iNet Community, you are becoming part of a BIG family.

We did our part--now it's time to do yours.