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The New Economy


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"For individuals that started moving their businesses to the internet, it is no surprise that the new real estate market is getting your business online. But humanity moved into cyber-space with the old idea of having a webpage that would show off their traditional store.

However, what they did not realize is that the giant stores would start to crumble under the creative power of the individual. So they did the next best thing. The advertising companies and agents sought out the talent of individuals that were daring enough to do what they enjoyed most and sneaked their way into advertising. 

The advertisers though didn't realize that the old way would soon be vanquished into the sea of forgetfulness, as more and more individuals became their own private labels and Self-Sponsors."

--The Revolution- OFF WORLD

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Examples of YouTube success with just Traditional Sponsorship and Traditional Stores - but what if there is a better way?

When you watch the latest trend on YouTube or wonder why someone is staring and laughing at their cell phone for hours, do you ever wonder if the people on the other side of the screen are actually making money?

Moreover, do you even wonder if that money they make can replace your 9 to 5 job? Well, the answer is Yes and YES .

The fact is that there are actual millionaires out there on YouTube doing what they love, creating the New Economy. The New Economy is so strong that traditional corporate companies, networks, and agents are now paying attention and riding the white horse, while you're stuck on a pony.

The truth is if you already have an online show or talent to begin with, you're missing out on revenue...The New Economy model is out there and has been out there for a while, with many individuals currently cashing in.

There are awesome opportunities available online with the use of your computer, a microphone, and your internet. Then add just a little bit of boldness and you can have an online internet revenue stream that can help you leave the current job you're working in...

So next time you think of parking yourself in front of the computer for a YouTube marathon, also think of the people on the other side of the screen:

They might be acting stupid for your amusement, but they also might be making more money in a few minutes than the average person makes in a week.

So to (mis)quote a Star Wars adage: Who's the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him? 

The 45 Year Plan or the 2 - 5 Year Plan? With that on the table, let's consider this another way. As in, consider YouTube and other website streaming sites as another possibility to generate revenue and jump-start your 2-3 year retirement plan instead of the traditional 45 year plan. Best of all you are not limited to Online Support and Services. You can do it for your nonprofit or as a home business.

The New Economy

Self-Sponsorship: Is where you control your own advertising and you work in teams each person gets 100% of 100%

 But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's first take a look at how exactly people can make money from YouTube (no, it isn't a joke).

Step 1: Click on Professor Puppet over there on the upper right.

Step 2: Sample the low quality talent of these sets and their poor command of the English language. But it's funny, right? 

Step 3: Now look at how much they were reported to have earned, doing what they want to do and enjoying their lives, while you on the other hand are still reading this instead of already joining. Just kidding! I think... 


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